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Planning the Perfect Family Holiday in Nusa Dua Bali: 101 Unforgettable Moments at Mulia

Published on 04 September 2023 in Destination Wellness & Recreation

Unveiling 101 Family Holiday Moments in Nusa Dua Bali

Embark on a family holiday expedition in Nusa Dua Bali, where 101 captivating moments await. Mulia Bali, nestled in an idyllic setting, offers a tapestry of experiences designed to create bonding moments for every family member.

From immersive cultural encounters that showcase Bali's rich heritage to exhilarating sports activities, exquisite dining experiences, and serene relaxation spots, Mulia Bali crafts an unmatched getaway for families. Whether you're seeking adventure, cultural exploration, or simply bonding, our family-friendly resort in Bali guarantees an unforgettable vacation that harmoniously blends tranquillity and excitement.

Magical Moments for Young Explorers

Igniting the spark of youthful wonder, Mulia Kidz is an exclusive haven for children. Tucked within our luxurious paradise, Mulia Kidz offers an array of exhilarating and engaging activities designed to captivate the imagination and create unforgettable memories.

1. Match Me: Engage in a memory-testing game that sparks creativity and bonding.

2. Limbo: How low can you go? A classic game that's full of fun and laughter.

3. Drawing: Unleash your child's inner artist with creative drawing sessions.

4. Kidz Craft: Crafty hands at work! Craft your way to amazing keepsakes.

5. Balinese Rindik: Learn how to play the Balinese Rindik music.

6. Paper Flower Making: Create vibrant paper flowers that never wilt.

7. Eco Frame Making: Craft your own frame using eco-friendly materials.

8. Mask Making: Design and craft vibrant Balinese masks.

9. Drawing All About Me: Let creativity flow as you illustrate your unique self.

10. Indoor Games: Enjoy an assortment of indoor games for endless fun.

11. Angklung Lesson: Learn to play the traditional Angklung instrument.

12. Treasure Hunt: Embark on an exciting treasure hunt for hidden surprises.

13. Bali Relay Game: Team up for an exhilarating relay race with a Balinese twist.

14. Origami: Fold colourful paper into intricate shapes with origami sessions.

15. Kidz Fun Dance: Groove to the rhythm with energetic and fun dance sessions.

16. Build a Tent: Create a cosy tent for imaginative play indoors.

17. Bracelet Making: Design unique bracelets that carry a piece of Bali with you.

18. Charades Games: Guess the word and act it out in this classic game.

19. Bonfire Craft: Bond around the bonfire while creating arts and crafts.

20. Playing Ring Toss: A classic game that guarantees hours of enjoyment.

21. Volley Balloon: A playful twist on traditional volleyball using balloons.

22. Camping Colouring: Colour your camping dreams to life with crayons.

23. Build a Cubby House: Construct a cosy cubby house for imaginative adventures.

24. Cup & Ball Game: Test your hand-eye coordination with this challenging game.

25. Hide & Seek: Classic hide-and-seek is always a winner among kids.

26. Kidz Boot Camp: Get active and embark on a kid-friendly boot camp.

27. Draw My Paper Cup: Transform a paper cup into an artistic masterpiece.

28. Hopscotch Game: Hop, skip, and jump your way through this timeless game.

29. Canang Sari Making: Craft traditional Balinese offerings with vibrant flowers.

30. Kecak Dance: Immerse in the captivating rhythms of the Kecak dance.

31. Gebogan Making: Create colourful fruit arrangements for Balinese offerings.

32. Young Coconut Creation: Craft cool creations using young coconuts.

33. Balinese Costume Dress-up: Transform into Balinese royalty with traditional costumes.

34. Balinese Dance: Learn the graceful moves of traditional Balinese dance.

35. Traditional Music Instrument: Discover the sounds of Balinese musical instruments.

36. Traditional Games: Dive into Balinese traditional games and challenges.

37. Morning Stretching: Kick-start your day with family-friendly morning stretches.

38. Necklace Making: Design your own beautiful Balinese-inspired necklaces.

39. Card Games: Enjoy hours of family bonding with classic card games.

40. Marco Polo Game: Add a splash of fun to the pool with this timeless game.

Fun for All Ages in the T-Zone

Unlocking a world of excitement tailored exclusively for teens, the T-Zone at Mulia Bali redefines youthful adventure. From thrilling sports to creative pursuits, it promises an exhilarating escape that caters to the spirited essence of adolescence.

41. Arts & Crafts - Bracelet: Craft fashionable bracelets in this creative zone.

42. Water Aerobic: Get active and energized with invigorating water aerobics.

43. Pool Game: Dive into a variety of pool games that make a splash.

44. Balloon Creation: Twist and shape balloons into whimsical creations.

45. Poker: Engage in strategic card games for endless entertainment.

46. Juggling: Learn the art of juggling with expert guidance.

47. Table Game: Enjoy a range of table games that challenge and entertain.

48. Mah-jong Games: Engage in the timeless and strategic game of Mah-jong.

49. Limbo Contest: Compete in a friendly limbo competition that's full of laughter.

50. Kids Yoga: Find balance and tranquillity with family-friendly yoga sessions.

51. Scramble Game: A word scramble game that stimulates the mind.

52. Cup by Cup: A dexterity game that's both entertaining and challenging.

53. Water Tower: Team up to build a water tower masterpiece.

54. Hula Hoop: Master the art of hula hooping with interactive sessions.

55. Let’s Dance: Groove to the rhythm with high-energy dance sessions.

56. Kids Tennis: Practice your tennis skills with family-friendly tennis lessons.

57. Who Am I: Guess the character in this guessing game.

58. Trivia: Engage in exciting trivia sessions that test your knowledge.

59. Water Pong: A refreshing twist on the classic game of beer pong.

60. Beach Workout: Combine fitness and beach fun in invigorating workouts.

61. Crazy Stick: Test your coordination and balance with the crazy stick game.

62. Bridging the Gap: Team up for exciting challenges in bridging the gap.

63. Beach Soccer: Unleash your competitive spirit in thrilling beach soccer games.

64. Bingo: Engage in friendly bingo competitions with enticing prizes.

65. Water Balloon Shot: Aim and launch water balloons in this exciting challenge.

Immerse in the Rich Culture and Recreational Activities

Renowned for its vibrant traditions, Bali provides an enchanting backdrop for families. Mulia Bali offers culturally immersive activities, ensuring an authentic Balinese encounter that transcends generations.

66. Beachfront Bonfire: Gather around the bonfire for stories and s'mores.

67. Splashing Surprise Party: Enjoy beachfront water fun with a surprise twist.

68. Cinema by the Beach: Watch family-friendly movies under the stars.

69. Tridatu Bracelet Making: Craft symbolic Tridatu bracelets with heartfelt meanings.

70. Aksara Bali: Learn the art of Balinese calligraphy and create unique pieces.

71. Balinese Royalty for a Day: Experience the glamour of Balinese royalty with dress-up sessions.

72. Hair Braiding: Get creative with Balinese-inspired hair braiding.

73. Picnic by the Beach: Indulge in a picturesque beachfront picnic with your family.

74. Mini Ping Pong: Engage in friendly ping pong matches for family bonding.

75. Pétanque: Embrace the leisurely game of pétanque for outdoor enjoyment.

76. Mini Golf Tournament: Putt your way to victory in a family-friendly mini golf tournament.

Active Adventures for the Whole Family

Whether you're a family of seasoned athletes or looking for some fun physical activities, every day at Mulia Bali is an opportunity to embark on new sporting adventures and bask in the joy of togetherness.

77. Morning Walk & Workout: Start the day with a family walk and workout.

78. Sound Therapy: Rejuvenate with soothing sound therapy sessions.

79. Fun Water Aerobics: Engage in water aerobics sessions that blend fun and fitness.

80. Social Pool Games – Pass 10: Dive into a series of social pool games that delight.

81. Social Pool Games – Basket Polo: Combine basketball and polo for water-based fun.

82. Social Pool Games – Water Polo: Engage in water polo matches that encourage teamwork.

83. Social Pool Games – Olympic Games: Compete in a variety of Olympic-inspired pool games.

84. Social Pool Games – Golf Chipping: Perfect your golf chipping skills in the pool.

85. Zumba: Get your groove on with high-energy Zumba sessions.

86. Corn Hole Tournament: Test your accuracy and teamwork in corn hole tournaments.

87. Beach Soccer: Enjoy friendly beach soccer matches that inspire camaraderie.

88. Beach Volley Ball: Bump, set, and spike your way to victory in beach volleyball.

89. Tennis Lesson: Hone your tennis skills with expert guidance from instructors.

90. Stand-up Paddle Board: Glide across the water with family stand-up paddle boarding.

91. Kayak: Paddle your way through the picturesque waters on a family kayak adventure.

Culinary Delights for the Entire Family

Indulging in a remarkable culinary journey is an integral part of any family holiday. At Mulia Bali, dining is more than a meal—it's an immersive experience that brings families together in an idyllic tropical setting.

92. Kid Eats Free: Make use of the best deal for family diners with one complimentary kids meal per family. 

93. The Cafe: Embark on a culinary journey with an array of dining options from different corners of the world.

94. The Cafe - Dessert Room: A little sweet escape for all ages with chocolate fountain, homemade ice cream, cakes, pastries, as well as local sweets and treats. 

95. Brunch at Soleil: Delight in a family-friendly brunch experience at Soleil.

96. Table8 Dim Sum: Discover the exquisite flavours of Table8 Cantonese-style Dim Sum.

97. Afternoon Tea: Treat your family to a charming afternoon tea experience overlooking the Indian Ocean or the tranquil Mulia Lake.

98. Ajengan: Immerse in the traditional Balinese experience of Ajengan with live dance performances. 

99. Romantic Dinner (Parent’s Date Night): Enjoy a romantic dinner while the kids are entertained.

100. Happy Hour at Mulia Deli: Savor our delightful desserts, bread, whole cakes, and sandwiches at half price, starting from 8 PM daily.

Relaxation and Wellness at Mulia Spa

The epitome of serenity and rejuvenation, where luxury and wellness unite. Our spa offers a sanctuary of relaxation, tailored to suit every guest's unique needs.

101. Wellness Suite: Rejuvenate and take a “me-time” with the state-of-the-art steam room, sauna, and Asia Pacific’s first Ice Room at the Mulia Spa Wellness Suite.

102. Couple Indulgences: Experience ultimate relaxation with your partner with the well-curated couple indulgences.

A bonus tip:

103. Yin Yoga & Sound HealingRediscover harmony within yourself by participating in our soothing group session of Yoga and Sound Healing.

From creative crafting and thrilling water games to cultural exploration and family-friendly dining, Mulia Bali offers an extraordinary array of experiences that cater to every family member's interests. Embrace the spirit of adventure and togetherness, creating lasting memorable family retreat in Bali that will be cherished for years to come with our best family package in Bali. Explore the beachfront haven for families, where you'll discover the limitless possibilities of a Mulia Bali family vacation. Here, the magic of Bali comes alive in every moment. 

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