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The Business of Brunching - Ten Dishes You Must Try From Bali's Most Popular Brunch

Published on 17 August 2020 in Dining

Here's a thought, ask anyone you know to name ten things they like in this world. We are sure that at least one of those things is food - be it ice cream, chocolate, burgers, fried chicken or even the humble apple. Truth is, we cannot live without food, and this is why the food and beverage business is one of the most popular sectors in the world.

Since Mulia Bali opened its doors to the world, it introduced one of the island's food and beverage highlights, the Sunday Brunch at Soleil. Named as one of the most luxurious brunch restaurants by Architectural Digest, Soleil, the beachfront restaurant offers you more than just luxury, and definitely high-quality gourmet cuisine.

Now offering a new experience, Soleil's brunch has been elevated even further with plated, freshly made dishes that you can order from an extensive menu on offer. With a selection of Pan-Asian and Mediterranean dishes, Soleil ensures that you can enjoy the best out of the locally sourced and imported ingredients with every plate. But with so many selections, where should one start? Well, fret no more, we are here to guide you through the tastiest journey at Soleil. Here are the top ten dishes you MUST TRY from Bali's best brunch.


When you have the freshest seafood, the best way to serve them is to let them shine. With simple preparations by our chefs, you can surely taste the juiciest plump oyster, sweetest tiger prawns, meaty brown crab and Alaskan king crab.


Tender grilled octopus complemented by the tanginess of the lemon, saltiness of the capers, and the spiciness of the arugula. And this dish is definitely gluten-free.


Soleil will pamper you with a selection of fluffy waffles and pancakes, decadent french toast, egg dishes - including our favourite of the sinful Benedict served with prosciutto, asparagus, soft roll and brown butter hollandaise.


For breakfast? Why not? We keep it classic with our selection of freshly made pizze (pizza) - homemade tomato sauce, best mozzarella and lots of love.


Our pasta is freshly made from scratch, the way the Italian nonnas keep the tradition. From the simple Aglio e Olio, Carbonara to the fresh Frutti Di Mare, each one is lip-smacking delicious.


We are blessed with the freshest seafood from the sea of Bali. Grilled to perfection the sweet, flaky snapper is complemented by the refreshing burst of flavours from the cherry tomato and wilted arugula.


Premium lamb chop, beautifully seasoned, grilled perfectly, served with salsa verde. Sometimes the best things are the simplest ones.

What makes Pho Dac Biet (or just Pho) so exquisite? The process of making the clear yet rich-tasting broth is basically an art of its own. This Vietnamese classic is one of the all-time-favourite Asian comfort foods.

This Indonesian classic is worth a mention. Perfect for vegetarians or even vegans, as it is so versatile. The sweet and salty peanut sauce goes exceptionally well with mixed vegetables and tofu.

The complexity of flavours and textures in this humble green papaya salad is exquisite. Served with deep-fried soft shell crab to add that richness and crunchy texture.


We believe the desserts deserve a special mention on their own. It's - no puns intended - the cherry on top for your brunch experience.

The Italian doughnuts - fluffy deep-fried balls of dough, coated in sugar, served with a side of chocolate sauce and honey. Perfect to go with your espresso.

It's a classic, and classics work all the time. Rich, decadent chocolate cake with a molten centre, oozing out as you cut through it. Served with pistachio ice cream on the side.

Want a dessert with a show? Served inside a chocolate sphere, the waiter will then pour hot chocolate sauce over the orb as it melts down revealing the sweet treasure inside.

So the next time you are wondering what to do on Sunday, head south to Nusa Dua and indulge your way through our Sunday Brunch at Soleil. Do book in advance as seats are limited - and do ask for the freshly ground pepper for an added surprise ;)

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