Specialised Wellness Therapies

Unlock the potential of alternative healing methods through our Specialised Wellness Therapies. From tapping to aromatherapy and crystal massages, these therapies promote mental clarity, ease muscle tension, and calm your senses.

Be Relaxed (75 minutes)
Revitalise with our full-body massage, blending healing techniques of acupressure, deep strokes, aromatherapy, and a soothing rose quartz crystal massage, easing muscle tension and calming the mind.

Be Rejuvenated (90 minutes)
Combining signature head and back massage, tapping technique, aromatherapy, and hydrating facial for skin and tension relief.

Be Refreshed (120 minutes)
Experience head-to-toe bliss with our full-body treatment: massage, exfoliation, using alternative therapies like tapping, aromatherapy, rose quartz crystal massage, and acupressure.

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