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Holistic Holidays with Mulia Spa

Detoxification Packages
5 Day Detox and Balance
Five treatments over five days provide different stages of wellness.
Calming, to prepare the body.  Detoxification and release, to expel excess blockages and toxins.
And balancing, to realign the mental and physical aspects of the body.
Day 1- Mulia Bali Wellness Therapy 1
Day 2 – Reflexology
Day 3 – Slim and Sculpt
Day 4 – Hot Relaxing Coco Cup Massage
Day 5 – Ayurveda Massage
3 Day Ladies Detox
The journey starts with a deep massage and conditioning session in our Wellness Suite.
Followed by a sculpting body scrub and wrap with slimming massage and finally Ayurveda to clear blocked chakras restore equilibrium.
Day 1 – Mulia Bali Wellness Therapy 1
Day 2 – Slim and Sculpt
Day 3 – Ayurveda Massage
3 Day Gentlemen’s  Detox
With the aim to provide release from fatigue inducing toxin blockages, this package focuses on conditioning, cleansing and balance.
Day 1 – Mulia Bali Wellness Therapy 1
Day 2 – Deep Cleansing Back Treatment and Massage
Day 3 – Ayurveda Massage

Holistic Spa Holidays with Mulia Spa

더 물리아 발리의 스페셜 스위트 오퍼 & 패키지

발리 리조트 패키지로 더 물리아에서 보내는 완벽한 휴가를 떠나보세요.

환상의 미식 여행
환상의 미식 여행

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