There's Take-out When You Don't Want to Go Out

Mulia Dining has got your back!
Enjoy up to 15% savings* for pick-up/drive-thru every Tuesday and Friday.
And Special 15% off on your 4th order within a month for any day.

Food tastes better when you eat with your family. Over 50+ food selections are ready to go. Order your loved ones' favourites from Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, to Chinese cuisines.
you can do Drive-thru or order by phone and collect it at the pick-up point (Car Call Station at the main lobby.)

To Order, please contact:
+62 21 5753238 FOOD-TO-GO HOTLINE

* Discount applies only for pick-up and Drive-thru on same day as order day.
* Enjoy 10% off with minimum spend of IDR 1,000,000.
* Enjoy 15% off with minimum spend of IDR 1,500,000.
* Other terms & conditons apply.

Our Commitment to Our Community
We strictly follow all World Health Organization guidelines for food safety & delivery.
In preparation of your food, we sanitize all food contact surface and our staff frequently wash their hands.
We appreciate your patronage and let’s all stay healthy.

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