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Mulia Rewards Meeting Package Weekday Special

Discover exclusive benefits for Corporate Meeting at The Grand Ballroom in weekdays!

Terms & conditons:

  1. Benefits applied on any event bookings in weekdays.
  2. Rooms benefit valid from 2 days prior the event to 2 days after the event.
  3. One Gift Card with Company Name will be rewarded and valid for the Company's next event transaction in Banquet, Restaurants and Accommodations with normal price.
  4. One Gift Card with Booker Name will be rewarded and valid for transaction in Restaurants and Accommodations, excluding Banquet at normal price.
  5. The rewarded Gift Card is valid for 3 Months after the Event held.
  6. Any promotion cannot be combined.


For more information, please contact:
Phone: +62215747777

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