The Rose Wedding Package

Our wedding experts are passionate to take care for an unforgettably romantic wedding of every style and size on any days that you prefer while implementing the maximum capacity (25% of the full capacity for indoor venues) according to government regulation as guest's safety, security, comfort and well-being is of paramount importance as always.

Boasting 2,319 square meters of space to accommodate up to 75 tables with screen protector placed on the table. The Grand Ballroom is the perfect venue for a grand celebration in a banquet setting, with a wide range of authentic International, Western, Indonesian, Oriental and Asian individual set menu, and create unforgettable memories. Bride and groom, and parents are entitled to get package inclusive room up to Junior Suite.

For more information, please contact:
Phone: +62 21 574 7777 Ext 4806/4816

Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta has received approval to conduct wedding during PSBB transition for its 100% safety protocols assessed by Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency No. 327 Year 2020.

Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta is embracing the new normal with strict safety and health protocols in place for all events following WHO guidelines to provide all guests with Peace of Mind not limited to:

  • Guest's body temperature will be scanned using a thermal scanner/Infrared Thermometer prior to entering the hotel area. Guests whose body temperature is recorded over 37.5 are not allowed entry in the Hotel.
  • Each Guest is requested to scan a QR code at the entrance and fill up a short form related to the health and safety.
  • All Guests must wear mask at all times with a strict practice on self-hygiene and use sanitizer gel at the entrance. Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta also provide hand sanitizers at the check-in counter as hand sanitizers would be something guests will conveniently find across the Ballroom with high visibility.
  • All guests are recommended to apply Social distancing measures within 6 feet/1.5 meters as per government regulation and Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta has placed signage and put screen protector on the table for social distancing between one guest to another with high visibility.
  • During this pandemic, hand shake of the bride and groom, family members or other guests should be avoided.

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