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You Will Always Have Room For Desserts

Published on 04 March 2017 in Dining

For most diners out there, Mulia Bali has been known as a home of many award winning restaurants, which surely are must-visit dining places in Bali.

If you are looking for Instagram-worthy dessert restaurants in Bali where you could give your sweet tooth a bit of heavenly sensations, you are on the right page!

Before you go through our list of best must-try desserts at The World's No. 1 Beach Resort, here is our disclaimer; we are not responsible for any diet failure. Just kidding.

Here are our most recommended desserts at our signature restaurants for your sweet tooth's #EscapetoMulia.

Soleil - Beachfront Restaurant in Bali

Nominated as the best brunch in the world, Soleil's Sunday Brunch sometimes forces you to unbutton your pants with its non-stop food and beverages brought to your table. However, spare a little space for our Fruit Sabayon and set your camera ready to film this famous dessert on the making. Another sweet that would steal the show is our Banana Rum that would keep your eyes open while watching the chocolate perfectly melts on your plate.

Table8 - Herbal Chinese Dessert

We would not talk about our Kungfu Tea Master here. Instead, we would introduce you our Mango Cream Pearl Sago which could make your holiday in Bali sweeter than ever. Or, do you prefer something sweet that is not too sweet that would make you feel less guilty for eating it? You shall not worry, my dear. Our Chinese Herbal Jelly is not only good for your digestion system but also, and most importantly, would leave your cravings fulfilled.

The Cafe - Dessert Room is Surely A Heaven On Earth

Just like the time that keeps ticking, our Ice Cream Carrousel would keep whirling as you get overwhelmed choosing which flavours to pick. Would it be a scoop of our fresh fruit ice creams with their kick-in sour taste or the all time favourite chocolate ice cream? Made your decision already? Perfect! However, don't get too comfortable as now you have to choose the toppings. Quick! No, no, we are just kidding. Please take your time and enjoy as many scoops and toppings as you want, which is why they call this place as 'Heaven on Earth'.

Feel more local with Indonesian traditional delicacy at The Cafe, Serabi Solo - coconut pancake cooked to perfection.

Edogin - Frozen Teppanyaki

It is only at Edogin where the word 'teppanyaki' is not only about meats. Here you may find the unique Teppanyaki Ice Cream which would be prepared only for you by the Chef himself. Another one that would steal your heart is the heartwarming Green Tea Mochi which would leave you wanting for more bites.

Share this joyful culinary experience with your loved ones at home by visiting Mulia Deli to take away some delights, such as our signature choux pastries or éclairs.

Could not wait to experience all by yourself? Reserve now here.

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