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Ranks as The Top 5 National Dishes of Indonesia, Try Gado-gado at The Café

Published on 02 December 2019 in Dining

The Gado-gado is quintessentially a reflection of Indonesian cuisine assembled with a set of given vegetables tossed into a peanut sauce. The sauce holds the magic to the dish and its secrets are guarded closely by the Chefs. Seasoned diners can detect the creaminess, flavour, texture of the sauce which is still prepared on the stone mortar and pestle called Ulekan. Each individual Gado-gado salad sauce in Hotel Mulia is lovingly prepared freshly by hand by experienced Chefs. Only the freshest ingredients are chosen and cut for each individual portion. The correct ripeness of each element is essential for the sauce to enhance its flavour. Gado-gado ranks as the top 5 National dishes of Indonesia and we recommend trying this out at The Café in Hotel Mulia Senayan.

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