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The Secret Recipe to The Café's Sop Buntut

Published on 13 December 2019 in Dining

Hotel Mulia Senayan ranks on the top of culinary favourites in Jakarta city yet many have not explored its delicious depths in its entirety. Featuring some of the award wining restaurants like Table8 and Orient8, famous for their Pan Asian cuisines, remains a popular dining attraction. For others, they love the varieties in The Café located on the lobby floor of Hotel Mulia which features International cuisines and possibly the biggest dessert selection in the city.

The Café is famed for its specialty Chefs with years of International and local experience, procuring freshest ingredients, importing quality meats, creating attractive menus and more. One delicacy on the menu in The Café is Sop Buntut- the local favourite. This oxtail soup enjoys a national status and is favoured by local and international diners alike. The kitchen team follows a strict step by step methodology where the meat is cooked for a combined 12-18 hours to render it juicy and tender leaving the broth flavoured like a consommé. The secret recipe to the Sop Buntut makes it stand apart from the others in the city along with the fact that the oxtail is carefully chosen and imported for The Café diners.

One can order the Sop Buntut a la Carte at The Café or order room service for in-house guests.

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