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The Art of Kung Fu in a Glass of Tea

Published on 01 April 2017 in Dining

If you are looking for a unique tea drinking experience during your lunch or dinner, Table8 Chinese Restaurant, located at the Ground Floor of Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, must be considered on your top list.

Table8 serves authentic Cantonese and Sichuan dishes that consists of the favorite Chinese home-cooked meal, as well as popular snacks and a variety of tempting delights, furthermore, the Restaurant provides a Tea Counter that offers large choices of Chinese Teas imported from various provinces in China.

Ask the Service Attendant to serve you Hua Cha (Tea Flowers), a tea that consists of four types of flowers, Baby Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Gomphrena and Green Tea Leaves, which is useful as an antioxidant. The Tea is served exclusively by a Tea Master demonstrating the Martial arts of Kung Fu, pouring hot water into a glass from a long-mouthed Teapot made from brass. This Tea is shaped like a flower bud before it becomes a beautiful flower that blooms when in hot water.

At Table8, the Hua Cha is free flow, whenever the Tea Master sees an empty glass they will  proceed to your table and give you a different tactic of Kung Fu to pour hot water into your glass.

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