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When in Asia, Dine “Asian Style” – With These Signature Dishes at Mulia Bali

Published on 03 October 2019 in Dining

To sum up Asian food, perhaps the quote by the legendary Ferdnand Point represents it the best, “A good meal must be as harmonious as a symphony and as well-constructed as a Norman cathedral”. The fact is, Asian food is generally easier to like as it dances on your palate with a symphony of flavour in every bite, a single dish can be salty, sweet, tangy, and savoury at the same time. Simple yet packed full of flavour.

Mulia Bali’s culinary team is committed to taking its guests on a culinary journey around the globe, including bringing the best of authentic Asian cuisine to the nine signature restaurants and bars. From Japan to China, Vietnam, Thailand, and across the Indonesian archipelago, we have carefully curated (and tasted) the favourite cuisine’s from each region, taken the inspiration home and present them to you.

Here are our picks on the signature Asian dishes that you can discover at our restaurants in Bali. Get ready to go on a flavourful gastronomic adventure!


Known for its global fare at the seven cooking theatres (and without a doubt, its dessert room), The Cafe has a selection of delicious dishes that take inspiration from Indonesia's favourite street foods, from the western tip of Sumatra to the eastern lands of Papua.

The origin of our first pick is still debatable, but it is widely popular and available in Java. The Nasi Bakar Ikan Tongkol is jasmine rice wrapped in banana leaf with a savoury stir-fried shredded tuna filling, served with assorted side dishes including spicy sambal (chilli). What makes this dish unique is its preparation; the rice is burned on charcoal fire before it is served and this adds a smokiness to the dish (that complements the tuna) as well as a crispy crunch to some of the rice, adding texture to the dish.

Closer to home, we took the famous Nasi Bali and put our take on this mixed rice dish. Served with shredded chicken, Balinese fish satay, sauteed vegetables and the infamous "sambal matah" (raw chilli with shallots and coconut oil), Nasi Bali is the island's signature go-to comfort food any time of the day.
If you are feeling adventurous, try the Nasi Rawon Wagyu - the black beef soup from Surabaya, East Java. The deep black coloured broth is from the use of a local spice called "keluak" - the fermented fruit of a mangrove tree.

Alongside this selection of local flavours, The Cafe also offers all-time-favourites like Soto Ayam Lamongan (Indonesian chicken soup), Nasi Bogana (Javanese mixed rice), and for the sweet tooth, try the Es Doger - Indonesian coconut milk-based dessert with tapioca pearls, avocado, fermented cassava, jackfruit and condensed milk, from the highlands of Bandung, West Java.


For the fan of Japanese cuisine - Edogin offers a chic dining ambience with a wide range of Japanese fare, from Robatayaki to astonishing selections of sashimi, tempura, fresh seafood as well as premium meats for a fun, live Teppanyaki session.

Off the Robatayaki menu, we highly recommend you to try the Gindara Saikyo Yaki, the Kyoto speciality. The delicate white-fleshed Gindara has a high-fat content which makes it more flavourful. To enhance its succulent texture, our chef prepares it by marinating the fish in sweet miso letting it absorb the sweet and salty flavour, before grilling it to perfection.

For a fun dining experience, book Edogin's Teppanyaki dinner, the popular Japanese cooking technique that uses an iron griddle to cook food in front of the guests. Delight in freshly cooked dishes specially prepared by our chef and be mesmerized in the skilled manoeuvres whilst preparing the cuisine.


In the middle of a lavish interior reminiscent of a royal Chinese palace, Table8 invites you to explore the authentic Chinese delicacies and Cantonese style Dim Sum variety. Aside from the daily buffet featuring freshly cooked Chinese favourites, you can also discover a variety of amazing cuisine from the à la carte menu; here are our top picks.

Let's start from  the imperial times. Originating from Beijing, this particular dish is known for its thin and crispy skin served with spring onion, cucumber, sweet bean sauce (or Hoisin sauce) in a thin pancake. Table8's Peking Duck is a definite must-try!  

For an explosion of flavours, the Beef Cube Black Pepper Sauce has it all. This classic Chinese comfort food consists of beef, onions, and capsicum seasoned with oyster sauce and black pepper. Thick and juicy cubes of good steak meat are used for this classic recipe where normally the dish is prepared with thin strips of beef. This enhances the overall taste of the dish and great to share with your family or friends.


Not only known for its gourmet brunches, Soleil offers an extensive menu of Mediterranean and Pan-Asian cuisines including a selection of exotic South East Asian delicacies from Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

The all-time-favourite seafood soup from Thailand, Tom Yum Goong has won the hearts of many people with its spicy, sour, savoury broth. The shrimp and mushroom work perfectly with the broth, creating a symphony of flavours - perfect for any time of the day.

Meanwhile, from the neighbouring country, Vietnam, the hearty beef noodle soup, Pho Dac Biet is the ultimate Asian comfort meal. Rich beef broth, fresh herbs, juicy beef slices and the rice noodle, need we say more?

So, are you ready to explore more tastes of Asia with Mulia Bali? Make sure to check these four amazing restaurants at Mulia Bali, visit our special offers page to discover more culinary adventures and limited-time specials.

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