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Shake or Stir - Must try Cocktails at Mulia Bali

Published on 03 March 2017 in Dining

Mixed, shaken, stirred or blended? However you like your drinks to be, there is no better place in this paradise than Mulia Bali where you could enjoy your favourite cocktails.

Luxurious setting, fresh sea breezes, exotic ingredients and cosy lounge music. Just a perfect setting for sipping a few cocktails or even one more glass to spend your lovely time in best bars in Bali.

You may have found the best cocktails in Bali that will drive you to say "one more for the road".

Here are the Top 10 Must Try Cocktails at Mulia Bali.

Sky Bar - For Sundown Seekers

Enjoy the sea breeze while waiting for the sun goes down. Discover great moments with friends or your loved one accompanied with a glass of Snake Fruit Martini - arak Bali infused together with fresh, local Balinese ingredients, such as snake fruit. Our favourite that you must also try is Bora-Bora a combination of lemongrass infused gin, vanilla, mint, lime and topped with passion foam.

ZJ's Bar and Lounge - The Night Never Gets Old

Spend all night with good music, fancy cocktails and a place to see and be seen. The team here is ready to ensure you to say "one more, please!" Try our recommended Rumba-Rumba - a celery infused vodka and bell pepper infused tequila. As the night is still young, our Sawangan Sour - a mixture of whiskey and merlot as well as some secret recipe from the fun mixologist, would also be a great choice.

The Bar - An Azure Calamity

Let harmonious instruments complement your day in Bali while accompanying you sipping Sake Mojito to boost your mood. Cool down with our Mulia Signature mocktail Mulia Delight which would also be also a perfect choice at the bar like this.

Cascade Lounge – Ocean Breeze

Not many bars in Bali offer a stunning sea view like Mulia Bali does at its lobby lounge. The fresh sea breezes and an Insta-worthy Geger Beach backdrop make Cascade Bar the right place to relish your afternoon mocktail or coffee. Try their homemade Mulia Garden - well mixed of honeydew melon with passion fruit or a cup of Cappuccino to perfect your afternoon at this stunning lobby lounge. 

Pool Bar – Get Splashed and Get Wet

It's a pool day! Splash it out! Your day at one of Mulia Bali's iconic swimming pools under the warm tropical sun will never be complete without a whole coconut (just so tropical!) or its fresh homemade Passion for Collin made of light rum, gin, coconut liquer, passion fruit puree, pineapple and a of splash soda.
Last but not least, always set your camera ready while having an #escapetoMulia as this place has so many Insta-worthy backdrops, from the white sandy beach with blue ocean backdrop to the crystal clear lake. Every day is summer day in Mulia Bali!

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