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Sebastian Gunawan Unveils Exquisite Chinese New Year Collection at Orient8

Published on 20 January 2024 in Events & Meetings

Esteemed fashion maestro Sebastian Gunawan dazzled fashion enthusiasts with his latest masterpiece - the Sebastian Gunawan Signature Collection for Chinese New Year/Season 2024, at the renowned Orient8 in Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta. The highly anticipated fashion show is scheduled for 15 January 2024, and promises to be a celebration of artistry, tradition, and modernity.

Inspired by the enchanting Yu Garden in China, often referred to as the 'Happiness Garden,' Sebastian Gunawan drew inspiration from its rich history and vibrant atmosphere. The garden, built over 400 years ago by the Pan Family from the Ming Dynasty, serves as a dedication to the happiness and contentment of parents in their old age. The garden's name, 'Yu,' translates to pleasant and satisfying in Chinese, capturing the essence of the designer's vision for this exceptional collection.

The collection, featuring 48 stunning looks, seamlessly blends oriental motifs with contemporary elements. Modern interpretations of colorful flowers, intricate embroidery, and beading adorn the dresses, creating a harmonious fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics. The selection of materials, silhouettes, and textures reflects the designer's commitment to creating a collection that is both timeless and innovative.

Sebastian Gunawan expresses, “The choice of Yu Garden as the theme for this collection holds special significance. The garden's beauty and the philosophy behind its creation resonated with me, and I aimed to capture its essence in each piece. This collection is a celebration of joy, tradition, and the beauty of Chinese culture. Orient8 at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, has been chosen as the exclusive venue for this spectacular fashion show.”

"We are honored to host Sebastian Gunawan’s fashion show," stated Martino Tanor. "The oriental and modern ambiance of Orient8 perfectly complements the festive and Chinese New Year theme of the collection. The unique combination of traditional and contemporary elements makes Orient8 an ideal backdrop for SEBA's latest creations."

Orient8, known for its sophisticated atmosphere and exquisite culinary offerings, is an iconic venue that seamlessly integrates traditional and modern design elements. As the chosen location for Sebastian Gunawan's fashion show, Orient8 is expected to enhance the overall experience for attendees, offering a setting that echoes the cultural richness and innovation embedded in SEBA's designs.

Sebastian Gunawan's Signature Collection for Chinese New Year/Season 2024 has been anticipated to be a highlight of the fashion season, and Orient8 stands ready to provide the ideal setting for this grand unveiling. As for SEBA's plans and hopes for the upcoming Chinese New Year, Sebastian Gunawan shares, "After this show, we plan to continue presenting annual collections in 2024. Our hope is that these collections, including the Chinese New Year collection, will be embraced by the public and serve as a source of inspiration for many."

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