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Nyepi in Bali: A Tranquil Retreat and Exclusive Experiences at Mulia Bali

Published on 18 February 2024 in Destination Wellness & Recreation

As the world revels in the exuberance of New Year celebrations, a unique serenity descends upon the Island of the Gods, Bali. On this tropical island in the archipelagic nation of Indonesia, the Balinese Hindu community ushers in their Caka New Year, Nyepi, with a profound departure from global festivities. Nyepi, also known as the Day of Silence, falls on March 11 this year and is an exclusively Balinese tradition. 

In stark contrast to the boisterous festivities associated with New Year's Eve, Nyepi represents quiet introspection, spiritual purification, and an harmonious embrace of silence. It's a time when the Balinese seek to cleanse themselves of past sins and recalibrate their spiritual equilibrium. This unique day imposes several key restrictions, observed by both adherents and visitors:



Throughout Nyepi, the island resides in tranquillity. Noise levels are at an absolute minimum. Everyone is to remain indoors or within their accommodation precinct. Even public spaces, including Bali's renowned beaches and bustling streets, fall under a hushed serenity. 

Lights Out

Artificial lighting is strictly prohibited. Those who require light are encouraged to draw the curtains, ensuring no glimmers of illumination escape into the night. As darkness blankets the island, a profound sense of solitude prevails.

Work and Travel Ban Nyepi enforces a complete halt on labour and travel for Balinese Hindus. No work is to be undertaken, and all forms of entertainment or merriment are suspended. This collective pause symbolizes a return to the void, a time when nothing existed.

These restrictions, symbolic of a cosmic "rebirth," enable Balinese Hindus to embark on a journey of self-purification and spiritual rebirth.

While Nyepi is rooted in Hindu tradition, its influence extends to all residents and visitors on the island. For those seeking an authentic experience of Nyepi, Mulia Bali extends the opportunity for you to truly immerse yourself in the essence of this sacred day.

Partake in a host of enchanting experiences and activities Mulia has designed, to keep you occupied while still paying respect to the ceremonial procession of Nyepi Day.


Once in a Lifetime

Indulge in the magic of Nyepi with an exclusive Dining Under the Stars experience around Mulia Lake. With the ground devoid of artificial lighting, the night sky becomes a celestial canvas adorned with a multitude of stars, creating a truly enchanting setting for Mulia's sumptuous set dinner.

Kids-Friendly Stay

Families traveling with children can revel in the serene atmosphere. Mulia Kidz will entertain the little ones (age three and above) with activities, games, and creative arts and crafts.

Rejuvenating Time

Parents seeking rejuvenation and relaxation will find Mulia Spa the perfect way to unwind and revitalize during Nyepi with its pampering treatments. Discover the new Specialized Wellness Therapies that feature the potential of alternative healing methods from tapping to aromatherapy and crystal massages. These therapies promote mental clarity, ease muscle tension, and calm your senses.

Indulgent Treats

Satisfy your sweet cravings at the newly opened Cannelé, where an irresistible assortment of decadent pastries awaits. It's a haven for those with a penchant for indulgence. From the simplicity of a croissant to the complexity of a mini entremet, you can indulge in the decadent treats with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your Nyepi retreat with Mulia Bali's special day staycation offer, complete with complimentary dining experiences at their distinguished signature restaurants. It's a culinary journey that complements the serenity of Nyepi.


So, as Nyepi dawns upon the island, let Mulia Bali be your gateway to experiencing the profound beauty of silence and spiritual reflection in this captivating island paradise.

Book your Nyepi getaway with us here.

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