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Ladies, Here is Mulia Bali's Guide to Travelling Solo

With the International Women's Day celebrated worldwide recently, we wish to honour one of the inspirational moments in the world, the day Amelia Earhart decided to fly solo across the Atlantic with one interesting topic. Travelling solo.

If travelling solo seems daunting or might sound lonely to you, think again! Look at it from a different perspective, travelling solo can actually be fun and exciting. Here are reasons why you should travel alone at least once in your life.

First of all, you do not have to wait for someone, this also means that there is no need to follow a certain travel itinerary, explore, get lost, meet new people, discover life as you should! And the best part? There is no need to feel bad if you cannot manage to get into a destination or to-do lists because of one or another reason. You can rearrange your itinerary based on what you feel like or what you are inspired to do - your trip, your rules!

Travelling solo, as a matter of fact, is liberating - being your own decision-maker can help you enhance your confidence level, and you may learn your true-self from this breakthrough experience. By doing this, you actually have nothing to limit you from making that dream trip, a reality.

If this is your first time travelling solo, take it slow, start by going on a solo getaway to destinations near you, and once you get the hang of it, start going further and further. But if you just want to take the leap and challenge yourself, go for it, go the distance!

Here are some tips and tricks for successful solo travel that we have gathered up from available resources as well as from those who have lived the experience - and now become devoted solo travellers. And we hope that after reading this, you will get the courage and the motivation to pack, and book your trip to the exotic destination of your dreams!

Do Your Homework Girls

Hit the internet, do your homework, read about the destination you are going to, find out everything about it, from the places to visit, things to do, where to eat, down to the climate, local customs, even try picking up a couple of sentences in the local language that can help you break the ice with the locals. Try visiting travel blogs, forums or engaging travelling communities, read their posts, their shared stories and ask questions. But keep an open mind, one's experience may be different from the others. Read up about the local culture where you intend travelling here.

Social media is the best place to go as well, go on Instagram or Facebook, visit the local destination pages, engage with them, ask for recommendations - and who knows, you might strike a bargain from a luxury resort! Get the Sun, sand and sea for solo travelers at Mulia Bali. Try and chat with us when you plan to visit Bali, we will be more than happy to give you pointers or even let you in on the exclusive offers we might have available for your trip to Bali.

We All Need Our Beauty Sleep

Sleep is essential, especially after a long flight and jet lag; you have to make sure that you pick the right accommodation for you. The first couple of days can be rough depending on where you are travelling to, you owe it to yourself to wake up fresh ready for the adventure. Whatever you choose, be it a dynamic resort or a private villa, make sure you are guaranteed a good night's rest when you travel. Read reviews and recommendations from fellow travelers.

The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas – Nusa Dua Bali offers three (3) types of accommodation that you can choose based on your preferences. Mulia Resort with easy access to all five-star facilities including the biggest hotel fitness centre with state-of-the-art equipment, world-class restaurants and bars as well as Nusa Dua’s white sandy beaches can be a perfect accommodation for you. If you are looking into a spacious suite with unobstructed ocean views, The Mulia offers one-of-a-kind suite accommodations with a Jacuzzi on the balcony, where you can enjoy magical sunrise or sunset time moment with a glass of champagne in your hand. What a suite life.

If you feel like pampering yourself to the max, opt for Mulia Villas, with luxurious villas each complemented by a hydrotherapy lap pool, a spacious garden with an outdoor living area - perfect for a lazy afternoon and a good book. The picturesque layout of the villas is inspired by a traditional Balinese village, just remember to get your camera ready to snap that dreamy holiday shot to share on social media.

And the best part? All that comfy bed to yourself...

Girls Gotta Eat

Travelling solo means you can eat whatever you wish. Have that ice cream for breakfast, eat that waffle for dinner, or explore local cuisine and try out the exotic food. Surprise yourself with new flavours, take yourself out of your gastromy comfort zone and eat your way around the world!

When it comes to food, Mulia Bali takes it very seriously. With nine (9) restaurant and bars, Mulia Bali invites you to explore a global culinary journey highlighted at each outlet. Make your visit to Mulia Bali a culinary experience, one of the perks of travelling alone.

Savour international culinary fare at The Cafe, with seven (7) cooking theatre you can enjoy the authentic cuisine of India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, China and Western. Table8 offers authentic Chinese cuisine, highlighting oriental signature dishes and Cantonese Dim Sum. Edogin with its authentic Japanese cuisine ready to tantalize your taste buds. Try the variety of Pan-Asian and Mediterranean cuisine at Soleil, the signature beachfront restaurant at Mulia Bali – don’t miss the most-talked-about Brunch every Friday and Sunday from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Jump, Dance, Pose, Stretch, Just Do It

Go out and do things, explore, join classes, meet new people, this is why travelling alone can be super exciting, the chances are endless. If venturing out can be too daunting, look for local activities - or even something your resort offers.

Mulia Bali has plenty to offer. From morning to evening, our team has curated a series of resort activities that keep you occupied. Greet the sun with the morning Yoga to kick off the day with a clear mind and a peaceful soul. Hit the pool after a hearty breakfast with fun games and exercises, from water aerobics to water polo, basket polo, golf chipping and much more.

Immerse yourself in the local culture, traditions and art - Bali, after all, is famous for its unique culture. Mulia Bali has several cultural activities where you can learn more about the local life, from how to make Balinese offerings such as Canang Sari (flower offering) and Gebogan (fruit offering), the meaning behind them, and even how one would use them.

Seen one of the exotic Balinese dances? Why not learn it? From the graceful movement, the chants and expression to the costumes, Balinese dances speaks of legends and folklore, even epic love stories. In a tropical setting on the beach, you can now learn the basics of Balinese dance.

While in Bali, why not dress the part? Dress in traditional Balinese costume - learn the meaning behind each garments and accessory - and take a snap for the gram. Be a Balinese princess for a day with the "Busana Agung" or the royal dress!

Still culturally curious? Mulia Bali offers more classes and activities that you can join to learn more about local life. Check out this list of fun things to do.

A Little Pampering Goes A Long Way

After all the activities, the amazing food, the exploring, meeting new people, you might need a little down-time. Why not make it quality "me time" and treat yourself to a day at the spa to regain that sense of balance. Use the moment to refresh with any kind of treatment or therapy you may like - be it a relaxing massage, anti-ageing facial, or a simple manicure and pedicure, just stop and enjoy the moment.

The award-winning Mulia Spa offers an array of holistic treatments that combine the best of Asian Spa philosophy and modern techniques. Our team of spa experts will be more than happy to recommend the perfect treatment that suits your lifestyle.

Experience the state-of-the-art wellness suites with therapeutic features such as Finnish saunas, meditative steam rooms, ice rooms, and hot and cold hydrotherapy pool. All facilities completed with chromotherapy and aromatherapy system to further enhance their existing stellar therapeutic properties. And the hot and cold therapy will boost your metabolism as well as help promote a natural detoxification process.

The Question is...

Are you ready to “jump on the boat” and take up the idea of travelling solo with these guides from Mulia Bali? Feel free to contact us on social media and our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you with the best ideas. Remember, you only live once, make it an amazing one!

Do visit our website for further information about our products, services, and spectacular offers that might just be the perfect fit to make you jump on that plane and travel to paradise.

Until then, live free and stay inspiring!

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