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To Spa or Not to Spa - Mulia Bali's Guide to Self-Pampering Based on Your Age Group

Published on 25 February 2020 in Wellness & Recreation

Everybody needs quality-time for themselves once in a while, be it a lazy day at home streaming movies, a night out on the town, or a dinner for one at the fancy restaurant you have always wanted to try. But there is one thing that we (undeniably) love to do ever so frequently - a pampering day at the spa. Some may enjoy deep tissue massages, some opt for more therapeutic approaches, while some combine the best of both to regain balance in their mind, body and soul.

Dating back since prehistoric times, spa therapies have existed since taking a bath was considered as a means to treat illness, and now, the spa we have all come to know and love offers so much more with a variety of treatments that combine the best of the world's spa philosophies with modern therapies.

But with so many selections of treatments, how can you choose the right treatment for you? Well, worry not, the team of experts from the award-winning Mulia Spa have come up with their guide to pampering yourself while in Bali - based on your age group and your lifestyle.


With so much energy, time and opportunities ahead of you, do not forget to reward yourself with the best indulgence and pampering. Ensure that you replenish your energy and strength with some overall therapeutic bodywork. Release tension and stress - commonly around the neck and shoulder areas - with deep tissue massages like the traditional Balinese Massage. Using palming, stretching, effleurage, and pressure points, this technique helps to relieve tension and improve blood flow. To benefit more from your rejuvenation journey, prepare your body with hot and cold therapy - highly beneficial to the immune system and stimulating the body's circulation – which is exactly what we offer in our Mulia Spa in Nusa Dua.

Recommended Mulia Spa treatments:

"Mulia Bali Wellness Therapy"
150 minutes
This treatment combines the benefit of hot and cold therapies at Mulia Spa's Wellness Suites and Hydrotonic Pools with a traditional Balinese massage using therapeutic Balinese oil, with natural aromas, that gently warms and massages your skin, focusing on releasing tension and stress.
"Sensory Indulgence"
120 Minutes
A head-to-toe sensory experience, this treatment combines the hot and cold therapy, skin exfoliation and a relaxing full-body massage using hydrating and moisturizing body balm, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth and glowing.


As you enjoy and go through the best years of your social, personal, professional and family life, keeping balance at this stage of life may put a lot of pressure and stress on you, both physically and mentally. A good head-to-toe pampering will help boost your immune system and promote good health and overall wellbeing. Mulia Spa in Bali, recommends specific treatments to help you to achieve that stage of balance that incorporate various techniques while still reaping the benefit of hot and cold therapies that also promote the body's natural detoxification process.

Recommended Mulia Spa Treatments:

“De-stress Journey”
120 minutes
Focusing on the physical aspect of relaxation, this massage incorporates different specialized massage techniques such as acupressure point therapy, warm coconut cups and sticks, as well as the use of herbal poultices that aid in releasing muscular tension and stress. This treatment assists in releasing exhaustion, anxiety and stress.
"Around The World Indulgence"
150 minutes
This deeply restorative treatment features four hands working in seamless coordination and harmony, with a combination of techniques and bodyworks, bringing your body back into balance. This treatment is also complemented with hot and cold therapies at the exclusive Wellness Suite to help your body relax further.


As we reach this exciting season in life, maintaining good health, bodily function, as well as skin hydration and elasticity is of great importance as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, muscle and joint pains begin to be visible and experienced. Proper skin nourishment, hydration, routine exercise, and balanced nutrition are the key to sustaining this physical ever-changing stage. Thus Mulia Bali spa experts recommend a series of skin regimen and an alternative healing therapy that have beneficial effects on your body and skin, allowing you to enjoy the blessed years ahead.

Recommended Mulia Spa Treatments:

Firming Phyto Stem Cell Facial
90 minutes
Anti-ageing with apple stem cells impart highly effective and visible results using three different massages. Acupressure, Vitalis - a deep tissue for relaxing stressed facial muscles, and Effleurage Therapy. Like a fountain of youth for your skin, ideally supplemented by the lifting effect of the mask. The ingredient-rich results-driven products, condition and smoothen the skin, strengthening and firming lines and wrinkles. The result is skin at its optimum, encouraging your complexion’s natural radiance.
Holistic Therapy
120 minutes
Combining different holistic therapies from the East and West, this full-body massage incorporates the traditional Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage from India to increase energy flow, Vietnamese Cupping to ease muscular tension and soreness, crystal face massage from Germany as well as Shirodhara to promote mental clarity and restful sleep.

Mulia Spa combines the best of Asian spa philosophies with modern therapies and world-class facilities, including dedicated Wellness Suites and Hydrotonic Pools, to promote the benefits of hot and cold therapies that complement its signature treatments. These are only some of the selected treatments that can be customized to your needs. Consult the spa experts at Mulia Spa to discover which treatment is the best one for you.

To embark on your rejuvenation journey and discover more pampering treatments from Mulia Spa, visit

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