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Mount Agung Bali Guest Testimonial

Published on 10 December 2017 in Destination

Mount Agung has been on the edge of eruption these past months and although an eruption is possible, most of the island would still be safe if it did happen, as highlighted by Bali Tourism Hospitality spokesman Dewa Gede Ngurah Byomantara "Only 2 percent of the entire island would be affected in the case of a volcanic eruption". Volcanic activity is nothing new for Indonesia and officials and residents of the island are continuing to show the good spirit of daily life in Bali to tell the world that #baliissafe #iaminbalinow #baliwelcomesyou

Bali is about 246km across at its widest. Most of the popular tourist locations are located in the far south, in Nusa Dua, Kuta and Seminyak, close to the airport and a long way from Mount Agung, which is on the far east of the island. This includes Mulia Bali which is located over 80km away from Mount Agung, and some of our guests have shared inspirational testimonials about what life in Bali is like right now, highlighting how much travelers can still enjoy the tranquility of the island with the great service the resort has to over.

Bali is still safe and we are looking forward to welcoming travelers to this paradise on earth.

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