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#JOMO - We Spent a Day Missing out and It Was Amazing

Published on 23 March 2019 in Destination Wellness & Recreation

Out the window with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), in with JOMO.

People are now spending more time to disconnect and miss out on social media to have better life quality. And we couldn't agree more, with everything happening so fast, we all need quality time to bring back the balance into our lives. In comes the Joy of Missing Out (#JOMO).

The "be present" concept is not new but it has been reintroduced recently as we are too “plugged-in" to the world, thus missing out on the really important thing - our lives. It is not about total disconnect but finding the balance between being 'tuned in' and 'tuning out', leaving unnecessary stresses behind.

We recently set out to try and spend a day without our gadgets. The results? Life-changing! Here are the top five highlights for us from this experience:

Wake Up Fresh - we shut down at midnight, managed to get enough sleep and woke up feeling fresh - that blue light really ruins your sleep quality.

Declutter - Without distraction, we actually managed to clean up our space, organized our things and felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

Quality Conversations - we ended up talking more. It was nice as we learned more about one another, and at the end of the day, built a better relationship with each other.

Breathe - ended the day going to the beach and just sat there, enjoying the sea breeze, watching the sunset and just breathing. We forgot how good it felt and how alive we feel doing these small things.

Finished a Book - we managed to finish the book that was sitting on our nightstand for months now. Time for a new book!

#JOMO with Mulia Bali
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