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Holi-Yay Ideas From Mulia Bali and Benefits of Quality Family Time

Published on 28 January 2020 in Accommodations Destination Dining Wellness & Recreation

Your family is your treasure and therefore, it is essential to keep the family bond healthy.

All it takes is easier than you think, invest in time with your family. Really good, quality family time. Get away from the hectic daily schedule and spend time to strengthen your family bond. As time passes by, your children grow and their personality changes. Family trips become a good opportunity for everyone to learn about each other again. This is one of the reasons why family travel is important.

A strong bond would help build a sense of security, confidence, deepen family values as well as develop healthier coping mechanisms to face daily challenges.

When it comes to quality family time, a short vacation is always a good idea. Remember that feeling after you went for a weekend getaway? You felt all recharged and ready for the world. A vacation - even for a short period - allows you to share little moments with family that create memories for a lifetime.


My Dad is My Superhero

For all working dads, let’s spend some time with your children at one of the best white sandy beaches in Bali. Take that kayak and teach your children how to paddle. Put your goggles on, snorkel and seek for Nemo together. Or, simply relax with your children and watch them play in the water slides at Splash Pool. There are so many things you can do for the first time with your children at Mulia Bali.

All the little moments our parents taught us to do something, always remain in our memories. It’s always important to build a strong relationship with your family, especially with your children. With a strong family bond, it is easier to pass on valuable moral lessons to your children as well as let them understand the precious values of family. This will also prepare them to become a great parent in the future.

Adventure, Nature and Culture

Mulia Bali offers a fun-filled family experience with a dedicated swimming pool for children – Splash Pool, an exclusive children’s club – Mulia Kidz and T-zone for teenagers. An array of activities, from sports to cultural, are available daily from morning to evening to keep everyone entertained. Parents are more than welcome to join their children.

Forget that Monopoly app on your smartphone and join us for a real Monopoly board game. Stack your Jenga and get excited for a mini-competition game with family members or new friends. Other activities and games, such as water polo, basket polo, golf chipping, kick darts are also fun to try!

Let the children have more real social interaction with new friends while parents can enjoy some nostalgic childhood moments with these games and activities.

Here at Mulia Bali, you can also encourage your children to learn about cultural diversity. This would teach them a sense of respect and tolerance towards other beliefs and cultures. Explore Balinese cultural classes that are available daily at Mulia Resort. Our guests are invited to learn Balinese dance, make a variety of Balinese offerings, write their names in Balinese traditional characters and much more.

Your Bali vacation would not be complete without witnessing the island’s picturesque landscapes that would certainly please and refresh your eyes. Explore Water Blow in Nusa Dua, Uluwatu Temple or Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Ubud. Get your travel inspiration from our Concierge and we are more than happy to recommend the best places in Bali.

Parents’ Me Time

We understand parenting sometimes can be difficult and yes, you deserve your own relaxing time. While we keep your children entertained and engaged with our resort activities, you could enjoy a spa day at Mulia Spa or simply a walk on the beach or sipping your margaritas at our pool bar. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin while laying on the pool chaise lounge with the book you always wanted to read. There are a total of four beautiful pools at the resort and one each at Mulia Villas and The Mulia. Cabanas are also available if you need more privacy to recharge and relax.

Happy Tummy Happy Family

“Food tastes better when you eat it with your family.”

Don’t we all agree that dining is best time to communicate and share your experiences with the other family members?

Mulia Bali has four main dining restaurants, four bars and one deli. Each restaurant and bar offers a different cozy interior and ambience for your family to have a memorable gathering. It’s always a joy for us to witness a group of family or friends dining together, sharing food, stories and laughter. We are always thrilled to be a part of your beautiful memory.  

If any of your family members are picky eaters, do not worry! The Cafe is the perfect option. The restaurant offers international dishes with seven cooking theatres. This would also be a great opportunity to introduce your children to new dishes and learn their new preferences. Children would definitely love our dedicated Dessert Room at The Cafe where you can find all the sweet tooth treats, from the chocolate fountain, colorful cakes, various puddings, ice cream, cotton candy and many more!

Let the children be entertained with a live show from our chef as they prepare Teppanyaki dishes and Ice Cream Rolls at Edogin. Fresh ramen and sushi are available daily with a variety of toppings and ramen broth for you to savour.

For the Chinese cuisine fan, Table8 is ready to serve a variety of authentic tastes of Chinese and Hong Kong-style dim sum, clay pot, Asian barbecue, noodles and other specialties for you to savor.

Soleil is the best restaurant to dine at for a family who prefer a beachfront view. The restaurant serves Pan-Asian and Mediterranean cuisines and is famous for its Friday & Sunday brunch. Soleil’s brunch is known to be the best brunch in Bali.

Be Inspired

Instilling family values, ideals and beliefs in your children is an important stage at their young age. Children mostly imitate the behaviour parents show towards them. Daily rituals and the little things that we do daily or on special occasions, help to build a sense of belonging and inner security within the family.

Experience is the best teacher - by letting them experience something in their life through social interaction, educational and positive activities, they earn how social values work, things like peace, justice, freedom and equality.

Bring your family for a vacation that is fun for everyone! Embrace new adventures, discoveries and experiences that would create memories for a lifetime. Make the best memories while you are staying with us.

Mulia Bali offers special accommodation pacakage for family, which could be accessed on the link here. Find our the full Mulia Bali Daily Resort Activities schedules on the link here.

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