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Holistic Healing at Mulia Spa – Nusa Dua, Bali

Published on 22 January 2019 in Wellness & Recreation

After a long series of parties, hosting guests and endless nights over the festive holiday, one can only imagine how tense your body would be. Luckily, Mulia Spa has the perfect solution for you with its selection of mind, body and soul. Designed to restore physical, mental and spiritual balance, it is guaranteed to transcend you to a state of well-being.  

Mulia Spa offers 2 spa treatments that focus on Holistic Healing, namely Chin Nei Tsang and Ayurveda Massage.

With a unique abdominal massage that detoxifies the body and stimulates the internal organs to work more efficiently, Chin Nei Tsang helps to reduce stagnation, improves digestion and encourages lymphatic drainage. This treatment also helps to regulate sleep and relieve chronic fatigue.

Hailing from ancient practices in India, the Abhyanga inspired Ayurveda Massage is excellent for opening blocked chakras by focusing on the marma points. For ultimate relaxation, the deeply meditative Shirodhara calms a tense nervous system and relieves chronic insomnia. For occupational stress and eye strain, the Amtuham Moordham focuses on the back, shoulder and neck areas, working to remove knots and lactic acid deposits.

Holistic Holidays Spa package is perfect for those who seek to be rejuvenated before, during and after the holiday (we all know that the latter is necessary).

The 5 Day Detox and Balance program is a series of treatments over 5 days that work on different stages of wellness. Calming, to prepare the body, detoxification and release, to expel excess blockages and toxins as well as balancing, to realign the mental and physical aspects of the body. The detox day starts with the Mulia Bali Wellness Therapy, followed by reflexology, slim and sculpt, hot relaxing coco cup massage and concludes with an Ayurveda Massage.

Besides the main package, Mulia Spa also prepares 2 packages that cater to both male and female guests.

For the ladies, Mulia Spa extends a 3 Day Ladies Detox package. This unforgettable journey starts with a deep massage and conditioning session in our Wellness Suite. Followed by a sculpting body scrub and wrap with slimming massage. To top it all off, the Ayurveda massage helps to clear blocked chakras and restore equilibrium to one's body.  

For the gentlemen, Mulia Spa has 3 Day Gentlemen’s Detox package, aiming to provide release from fatigue-inducing toxin blockages. This package focuses on conditioning, cleansing and balancing. The package starts with Mulia Bali Wellness Therapy, followed by the deep cleansing back treatment, continued with massage and finished with an Ayurveda massage.

For guests who are looking to balance their chakras, the Crystal Healing Ritual may be the perfect choice for them. With a combination of traditional healing using crystal aiming towards the physical, mental and emotional well-being. Chromotherapy balances the chakras in our Wellness Suites followed by contrast therapy in our steam and ice rooms to remove any fatigue. The relaxing resonance of the Tibetan Singing Bowls is the perfect prelude to the Balinese Massage which will improve circulation. Quartz crystals are then used to amplify healing and restoration.

Guests can also have their own Balinese spa experience in the comfort of their own home by purchasing the Mulia Home Care package. We carry a wide range of spa products, where the ingredients are all natural with no artificial preservatives. The Mulia Spa retail also carries gift items, such as eye pillows, yukata robes and lifestyle sets which include foot care kit and candle sets.

So why not book yourself to these Healing spa treatments at Mulia Spa and immerse yourself to another world...where you can just relax and rejuvenate.

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