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Gluten Free - Worry Free Options You Can Find at Soleil - Mulia Bali

Published on 01 August 2021 in Dining

A Gluten-free diet has become one of the most popular diet trends nowadays. Just a few years ago, we might have wondered what the meaning of “GF” on a restaurant menu was! Now most of us are familiar with this. Most of the best restaurants in Bali, including Mulia Bali, now serves gluten-free meals.
Gluten, which means “glue” in Latin, is a protein that can be found mainly in wheat, rye, barley or in a combination of wheat and rye. It is a binding agent that helps things like bread and pasta keep their structure. Some people who choose to eat gluten-free are those who avoid eating heavily processed food.
Set along a secluded 1-kilometre pristine white sand beach in Nusa Dua, Bali - The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas invites their resident guests and non-resident diners alike, to taste a variety of gluten-free pastas at the award-winning signature beachfront dining venue, Soleil. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the picturesque Nusa Dua Bay, making it one of the best gluten free restaurants in Bali.

Savour the hand-made pasta, Pasta Fresca that is available fresh daily, specially curated by the talented chef. This Pasta Fresca is made from gluten-free flour and egg, a very tasty and simple pasta dish. Lightly seasoned and stir-fried with fresh ingredients such as spinach, red onions, garlic and tomatoes. Since it contains eggs, Pasta Fresca is more tender compared to dried pasta and only takes about half the time to cook.

Tuck into a comforting plate of Tagliatelle gluten-free pasta. This long, flat ribbon-style pasta suits creamy and thick sauces. In Soleil, our chef combines the sauce with porcini mushroom to enhance the taste of the whole plate. This plate of pasta is a perfect combination for diners that are looking for some healthier yet comforting options.

An iconic corkscrew-like pasta shape, Fusilli is one of the most favorite pastas of all time. The unique touch of Soleil’s fusilli pasta is that we hand-twisted this pasta manually. The pasta is served with Balinese pork rib sugo di costine, a perfect fusion of an authentic taste of Indonesia and Italy.

Discover a unique taste of guitar-cut thick spaghetti, Maccheroni. The resulting shape of these pastas -- square, rather than round -- gives them textural appeal and makes them an ideal pasta partner to a hearty meat sauce. For this type of pasta, our chef prepares a Tuscan style meat ragu, a classic recipe of Italian meat sauce.
Another gluten-free pasta option that you can savour is Lasagnette, a wide ribbon pasta style – narrower version of lasagna. Soleil’s lasagnette combine with Papua crab, fresh prawn, white wine and tomato. It gives a fresh yet flavorful taste for the whole dining experience.
Gnocchi, this simple pasta recipe of potato, gluten-free flour, and egg is one of the most classic recipes that has been around for generations. To add a sensational taste and color to this humble pasta, our chef has prepared an all-time favorite tomato fondue, adding basil to enhance the taste.
Worry less with gluten-free options at Soleil and enjoy dining at the #1 resort hotel in Indonesia, Mulia Bali. For more information and reservations, click here.

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