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Fries and Crunches

Published on 09 August 2022 in Destination Wellness & Recreation

How to enjoy a guilt-free holiday with Mulia's extensive fitness facilities and programs.

Vacations, holidays or getaways also mean one thing, letting our guards down and breaking the rules of eating healthy, exercising daily, hitting that 10,000 steps goal and more. But you are on a break, so you deserve to relax. And you do! However, what if we let you in on a little secret on how you can enjoy all those desserts and still maintain your fitness goals? 

Here are our Fitness team tips on how to stay active during your holiday with Mulia Bali.


Want to sleep in and enjoy a few more minutes in the comfortable bed? How about getting up earlier to enjoy a walk or a run down the path along the beach as the sun rises instead? The fresh morning air and the warm morning sunlight might work better as your 'boost-me-up' instead of a cup of caffeine. Studies have shown that morning cardio or any exercise works better than that cup of coffee to start the day. And you won't experience those midday energy crashes as much. 

If running is not your thing, join the daily yoga class just before breakfast at our signature Eden Garden. Yoga's breathing practice helps you focus more while the moves and poses help your muscles stretch and warm up.

Mulia Bali has a pathway stretching over 1 kilometre along the beach, which is perfect for a leisurely walk or a jog. Our daily yoga classes start at 7 AM. Each class is approximately 45 minutes long.

Possible maximum calories burned: up to 600 calories.


Feel that jolt of energy? Do you want more before breakfast? How about a dose of high-intensity exercises with our certified trainer? Our morning fitness classes start at 8 AM at the fitness centre and range from HIIT to MMA workouts and other active exercises. Each class lasts up to 60 minutes of hard, pumping workouts enough to burn up to 900 calories if you put yourself into it!

Congratulations! It's only 9 AM, and you have burned 1,500 calories! Time to refuel with our International Breakfast spread. With so many selections from around the world, you can easily manage a healthier, heartier breakfast to get you through the day. Choose food that is filling but has lower calories, full of fibre, protein and all the nutrition you need. Fruits and nuts are great options, as well as oats, cold cuts and cheese can be an option too. If you cannot start a day without coffee, opt for black, without any cream or sugar. 


Treat yourself to a relaxing time by any of our pools over a good book, and enjoy the warm sun. Remember to dab on some sun cream with high SPF. Did you know that even during our sleep, we burn 50 calories per hour on average? Of course, it depends on our metabolism rate. Speaking of which, why not join our cultural classes and learn about Bali more while getting new skills from dancing to writing in Balinese characters? 

Fitness enthusiasts can also book private classes* on cardio boxing, a session with our Trainers, or hit a few at our tennis court! You can also opt for recreational water activities* such as a stand-up paddle board or kayaking in the ocean (*additional charges apply). 

If you want something light, a fun water aerobic class followed by social pool games take place at the Courtyard Pool daily from 11 AM. A fun way to get those extra calories burned before lunchtime! 

Potential maximum calories burn (from medium-intensity activities): 700 calories.


A high-protein meal should be your number one option to help those muscles grow. Fish offers high protein while having considerably fewer calories compared to other meats. If you are vegan or vegetarian, beans have a good amount of protein per serving. Soleil serves a selection of Mediterranean and Pan-Asian cuisine with varieties that cater to many dietary requirements. If you wish to indulge a bit, the fresh pasta selection is one of the all-time favourites, while the local flavours like the Oxtail Soup are a must-try. 


What better way to get ready for dinner other than burning more calories? Our afternoon classes start at 4 PM, the perfect time as usually our body starts to be low in energy by then. From stretching and pilates to higher intensity workouts like Tabata and Zumba or a fun one like the Trampoline workout, a 45-minute fun exercise can bank in up to 600 calories burned! And if you like, you can join the beach volleyball, soccer, petanque or learn how to juggle at 5 PM - another fun way to stay active!


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Congratulations! You potentially have burnt 2,800 calories in a day! Now delicious feasts await, and remember to choose healthier options with high protein, fibre, and the ideal nutrition for you. When in doubt, ask our server for recommendations. 

For further details on our activities and facilities, click here.

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