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Food from Heaven We Literally Can't Resist

Published on 01 January 2017 in Dining

Bali is the island of God with a bundle of must try delicious food that we could not resist. In fact, we listed some of our mouth-watering delicacies which you do not want to miss at Mulia Bali's awards winning restaurants.

More than just delicious dim sum selections and Australian Five Head Whole Abalone braised with Wild Mushroom and other Chinese fine cuisine. Make sure to try Table8’s special flower tea or known as Hua Cha, a tea that consists of four types of flowers, Baby Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Gomphrena and Green Tea Leaves, this concoction is beneficial as antioxidant.
Famous for its brunch, Soleil's seven different kinds of fresh homemade pastas made daily or the local fresh catch of the day to a heavenly assortment of sweet things like fruit sabayon are must try.
If you are looking for something like Indian delicacies try Cheese naan bread at The Cafe but that's not all don’t leave without trying Samgyeopsal or Galbi that serve a la minute.
From fresh sushi and sashimi to Japanese Wagyu, one more reason to come to Edogin is the best Teppanyaki Buffet in Bali featuring all the fresh ingredients that imported daily.
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