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Feeling Good - Feeling Good - Stress Relievers Through Your Senses

Published on 26 June 2020 in Accommodations Destination Dining

Feeling stressed or anxious? There are ways you can relieve yourself from stressful moments or thoughts, that you can do in the comfort of your home. Treat yourself to a journey of the senses with our picks on simple - yet effective - stress relievers:


We know how certain sounds can make us feel a certain way - that is why certain music can change our mood. The UK band, Macaroni Union, became an internet sensation when their song "Weightless" was deemed as the ultimate relaxation song. The song, produced in 2012, was created after the musicians consulted with therapists to learn how certain tunes, melodies and rhythms affect people's feelings. The constant beat of the song is the beat of a relaxed heart rate while the dreamy, mellow tune has a calming effect. Listen to it here.

Or combine both sound and movement with this relaxing yoga video by our activities team to help you regain balance at home.


Have you ever seen something on TV or your phone and immediately felt relaxed? Sometimes you need visual stimulation to calm down - for some, it's a green meadow with tall grass swaying in the wind, or a kayak cruising slowly down a calm river, or even a busy highway. These satisfying visuals are all over the internet, try and find the one that would work for you - and see how it can help you calm down. What about a quick staycation at a beachfront resort? Take advantage of our special offers and enjoy the sight of the tranquil Indian Ocean from our Ocean Pool or from your balcony.


Similar to sounds and sights, scents can really work wonders to your mood. Experts recommend trying lavender essential oil to reduce emotional stress, while lemon scents improve concentration and reduce stress - perfect when you are working. Grassy notes can remind you of a happy summer day, bringing a positive impact to the mind.

Try our series of essential oils available from Mulia Spa - you can find them here.


Remember when you were growing up and you had a favourite stuffed animal or a teddy bear? How soft the fur is and every time you hug them, you feel safe? Or how you can immediately relax when you have a head massage or a hand massage? That is how your sense of touch can help calm anxiety or stressful moments. You can try massaging your head, neck or shoulders, or even the palm of your hand - breathe deeply and regularly through your stomach when you do this. Or perhaps you remember the softness and comfort of Mulia’s custom beddings that envelope you like a blanket of clouds as you sleep; relive that memory again soon with the new travel safety policy at Mulia.


There is a reason why eating a well-balanced diet or cleaner food can improve your overall mood. Eating sweets when you are stressed or upset can be a quick fix but for the long run, you may want to consider consuming food that can actually help boost your mood. Food, rich with Omega-3 fatty acids is good for your brain health, probiotics help with your digestion, while food high in vitamin D may increase your serotonin - one of the key neurotransmitters influencing your mood. If you need something simple and quick, try making yourself a lavender or chamomile tea. Mulia Bali also offers a selection of comfort foods for the soul as well as balanced menu options for delivery or drive-thru.

There are many other ways to help you reduce stress and anxiety - routine exercise can also play a big role in keeping you healthy. With the gift of time in our hands, now it may be the right moment to focus on ourselves and invest in a healthier lifestyle. Wishing you well and looking forward to welcoming you back to our beachfront paradise soon.

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