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Seas the Day! Beachy Things Waiting for You at Mulia Bali

Published on 04 April 2021 in Destination

Missing the warm tropical waters, gentle breeze and that young coconut with your name on it? We miss you too and wish to see you sitting on our beach right now enjoying that well-deserved holiday! It looks like that the day may come soon, so we have compiled things that you must do when you are in Bali while staying at our award-winning beachfront resort!


Facing the East, our resort offers one of the best sunrise views in Bali and what better way to enjoy this than a meditation or yoga session by the beach? Before sunrise, head down to our pier and set your yoga mat to get that perfect location. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Feel the gentle sea breeze and the warmth of the rising sun, hear the lapping sound of the waves and recharge yourself with the universe's positive energy. Studies have shown that getting a dose of that morning sun helps you sleep better at night, help you produce Vitamin D naturally and boost your serotonin levels that will improve your emotional well-being. Do use sunscreen, and protect your eyes if you're sensitive to bright sunlight. 


Did you know that we have a one-kilometre stretch of semi-private beach in Bali? If you are an active person and like to start your day with a good run, you can opt for a leisurely jog along our beach on the paved lane. For those that have not run in the tropics, the high humidity might be an issue so take your time, build the pace and get used to it before doing it in full force. Alternatively, our state-of-the-art gym is standing by to get you sweating in a comfortably air-conditioned setting. 


You cannot have tropical getaway without returning with a beautiful tan to show off to your colleagues and family when you get home. With four swimming pools on the main resort grounds (including a kid's pool) and a long stretch of beach, there are plenty of spots for you to bask in the sun. We provide many sun loungers around and in the shallow areas of the pool - yes, in the water. Pool towel service, a swim-up bar, and some shaded areas are also available for your convenience. Basically, we dedicate our pool areas for that one single purpose - a day of self-pampering by the poolside - for the soul and the (Insta)gram. Don't forget the three magical letters - SPF!


From the classics to the innovative, our team of mixologists create an array of refreshing thirst-quenchers for your day in the sun. You may be a fan of the iconic Mojito or a healthy and refreshing young-coconut, or you love to explore and taste new things - like our new Watermelon and Melon refreshers! What? Yes, the unique, fresh and fruity concoctions served inside a watermelon or a melon. Another Instagram-able moment there! And it tastes amazing too!


Travelling to Bali with the little ones? Splash Pool - our dedicated kids swimming pool - features water fountains and ample space to splash around. Accessible to kids of 3 - 12 years old (with parental supervision), the pool also offers gazebos with games where they can interact with each other for a fun splashing day! Located adjacent to the pool is the T-Zone - a gaming centre for children of 9 - 15 years of age with an array of games and activities. Worry not about health and safety protocols as we regularly sanitize all facilities, equipment and fixtures periodically using international standard disinfectants. We also increase the frequency of cleaning at all common public areas within the resort and provide hand sanitisers around the resort with high visibility.


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With poolside food and beverage services, you don't even need to get out of your comfortable sun loungers, as our team will tend to your needs with a selection of light nibbles if you're feeling famished. Simple, yet soul-satisfying food from our award-winning culinary team is waiting for you that will surely fill you up with enough nourishment, to continue a day out in the sun.


Did you know that we also provide fun recreational water activity services such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking? Depending on the tides, you can enjoy leisure time with your kids or partner out in the calm waters of Nusa Dua beach. The natural barrier reef makes our beach an ideal site for these activities - optionally, you can swim safely within the safety lines set along the waters. 

Now with the rainy season slowly subsiding, we are seeing more sunny days and clear blue skies. We cannot wait to see you once again on our beach soon! Make use of our special offers here and get amazing benefits from resort credits to bonus nights, when you book direct. 

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