The Business of Resting - Coping With Jet Lag at Mulia Bali

The Business of Resting - Coping With Jet Lag at Mulia Bali

Travelling - while fun and exciting - poses a challenge for most of us with the long haul flights, the time difference, and the jetlag. Depending on the destination, you may be looking at a 12-hour difference and adjusting to that, would require a lot. Luckily for you, Mulia Bali has worked out the best solutions for weary travellers visiting the island of the gods. Here are our tips on how to overcome your jet lag at one of Bali’s best beachside hotel, Mulia Bali.



The main goal is to make you relax, let your body rest and adjust to the new time zone. One way our award-winning spa team suggests, is to rebalance your chakras. Mulia Spa offers extensive jet lag treatments that can help you regain that sense of balance. Soak in our hydrotonic hot and cold pools to relax your muscles and get the blood circulation going, then step into the wellness suite to interchange between the steam room (with aromatherapy and chromotherapy) and the ice room - Asia Pacific's first. Doing this has been proven to give you a sense of relaxation as well as increasing your metabolism.

Another recommended jet lat treatment is our holistic treatments, such as the Shirodhara. By using a constant drip of warm oil to your dosha (the chakra point on your forehead), this treatment is a deeply meditative experience. It calms the central nervous system and excellent for insomnia.

Alternatively, opt for the Amrutham Moordham - a specialised treatment that focuses on the head, back, neck and shoulder area - dispelling tension, headache, stress as well as your jet lag nausea.




One of the best tips that travel experts around the world will tell you is that working out helps. Working out releases endorphins - the hormone that stimulates you to feel happy, it can help to suppress the stress you feel after the long flight. With a state-of-the-art fitness centre, professionally trained instructors and daily classes, you can opt for any session to help you sweat it out, from relaxing Yoga to the high-intensity Tabata training. To help with your jet lag, our trainers do recommend to take it slow with your workout and start with simple classes like the morning stretching session and then build up to higher intensity training as the holiday goes.




Some people may experience digestion problems because of the time difference. To prepare yourself for the journey ahead, you can start a couple of days before you travel by getting yourself accustomed to the destination's meal time - another excuse to have breakfast cereals at 11 PM! Once you get to your destination, choose for more vegetables, high protein and low carb options. Lucky for you, known to be the best luxury hotel in Bali, Mulia Bali has not only one or two, but nine signature restaurants, bars and lounges that offer a selection of world-class cuisines.

Try the seven cooking theatres at The Cafe - with a dedicated dessert room for you to indulge in post jet-lag (or as a treat any day). For ultimate freshness, Edogin serves up handmade sushi and sashimi using premium seafood. Table8 is calling with the ever-so-comforting Chinese food - featuring Cantonese dim sum and Szechuan dishes along with other mouth-watering delicacies. Soleil will take you on a journey across the Mediterranean with homemade pasta and amazing seafood dishes.




We all need a good sleep. It is the best time for your body to recover and your mind to rest. To ensure that you have the best sleep ever, we only offer the best quality beddings to set you up to enjoy “dreamland” with high thread count soft Egyptian cotton in the rooms, suites and villas. Paired with our custom made plush pillows, ultra comfortable beds and the perfect lighting, you would want to stay in bed all day and recharge before enjoying the sea, sun and blue sky.

If you are staying at Mulia Villas - your butler will draw you a bath for that additional touch of relaxation before bed; and for The Mulia, most of the long haul guests might wake up early at 5 AM because of the time difference, soak into the Jacuzzi in the privacy of your balcony while watching the sun rise over the horizon.

So, there is no reason for you not to book that flight soon and spend an amazing holiday with one of Bali’s best luxurious and awards-winning hotels, The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas – Nusa Dua, Bali.

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