An Exclusive Luxury Resort in Bali That Provides Everything You Need

An Exclusive Luxury Resort in Bali That Provides Everything You Need

There are a number of magnificent five star resorts in Bali and then, there is Mulia Resort – Nusa Dua, Bali  which perfectly combines luxury with the chill and relaxing atmosphere of Bali.

Mulia Resort is sprawled along Nusa Dua’s most stunning coastline. Inside, creative use of crystal, beautiful blue Azul Bahia and furnishings are stunning and compliment the tranquil ponds and pools outside that weave effortlessly around the gardens. With 526 accommodations including lagoon pool rooms and suites, Mulia Resort is a favourite for couples, families or small groups. The resort also offers unrivaled facilities and a selection of dining venues to choose including Table8, Edogin, Soleil, The Cafe, Mulia Deli, The Bar, Cascade Lounge and ZJ’s Bar & Lounge, each with unique characteristics to other restaurants in Bali.  

Unlike any other resorts in Nusa Dua Bali, Mulia Resort has countless number of activities which are complimentary for in-house guests, from yoga to zumba, indoor or indoor, water or beach activities. Not to mention the well trained staff who are always ready to assist and tailor a course based on guest's personal needs.

Wouldn't it be another plus point for a luxury resort in Bali to be kids friendly whilst traveling with the little ones?

As a family friendly resort in Bali, Mulia Resort is not only friendly for frequent and experienced travelers but also for the little ones. Parents traveling with their children are still able to enjoy the romantic Bali air while their children are being productive channeling their imagination and creativity through a range of fun activities at Mulia Kidz.

Just like genie in the bottle, Mulia Resort has it all for your perfect escape or family getaway.