Holistic Inspired Treatments

Restore physical, mental and spiritual balance with our holistic spa treatments...

Ayurveda Massage (60 or 90 minutes)
A customized Ayurveda massage combined with synergistic essential oil blends, based on individual dosha and yoga sound healing. Opens your chakras and renews your spirit. Our professional therapist will start with Abhyangga style massage, pressure points on the marmas conclude with bindi touch.

Chi Ne Tsang (60 minutes)
Chi Ne Tsang is a unique abdominal massage which detoxifies the body and stimulates the internal organs to work more efficiently. It reduces stagnation, improves digestion and encourages lymphatic drainage. Also among its benefits are regulating sleep and relieving chronic fatigue.

Shirodhara (60 minutes)
This treatment allows you to experience profound relaxation. Warmed specific oil matched to your dosha is gently poured continuously over the forehead, invigorating the senses and mind, providing a total feeling of wellness and mental clarity, encouraging emotional balance, as well as promoting a calming influence on the central nervous system and excellent for insomnia.

Vietnamese Cupping (75 minutes)
The Vietnamese Cupping Massage is a combination of tissue and muscle work, pressure point and warm cupping. Cupping is one of the world’s oldest alternative therapy methods. As the warm air cools, it creates vacuum (negative pressure) and relaxes blood vessels. It flushes away toxins and removes lactic acid deposit from the muscles.

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